Jobs and Economic Security


Ed FitzGerald’s number one priority is strengthening the economy for everyday Ohioans and creating family-sustaining jobs. As Governor, Ed will restore cuts to education and local communities, and he will prioritize tax cuts for the middle class, not the wealthy and well connected. Ed is committed to building Ohio’s economy from the middle out, not from the top-down.

John Kasich, however, continues to champion an outdated economic theory that simply does not work. Time and again, he has funded tax cuts for his wealthy friends and campaign donors by slashing funds for education and local communities. And instead of cutting taxes that help working class families, Governor Kasich’s policies raised the sales tax. Governor Kasich is a tax shifter, not a tax cutter.


As County Executive, Ed FitzGerald created four times more jobs than his predecessor and spent less taxpayer dollars per job. He also managed the largest regional economic development fund in the state — encouraging businesses, small and large, to bring jobs back to Ohio. As governor, Ed will build on his experience in Cuyahoga County by investing in small businesses and growing industries to create family sustaining-jobs.

Under John Kasich, Ohio has not recovered the jobs lost during the recession — while 14 other states have. At the current rate of job growth, it will take several generations for Ohio to recover the jobs that it has previously lost during the past decade. The head of Kasich’s economic development fund, JobsOhio, even admitted that Ohio’s job growth was “slower-than-desired.”


Ed FitzGerald invested in small businesses growth across Cuyahoga County by using funds he saved by cutting tens of millions in government waste. In addition to reducing unnecessary bureaucracy, Ed also worked with cities and towns in Cuyahoga County to develop an agreement prohibiting jobs poaching. As a result, taxpayer money is no longer wasted on corporations to incentivize them to move from one part of the county to another.

Under John Kasich, less than half of small and mid-size businesses expect their profits or sales to increase over the next year. Instead, the Kasich administration has used taxpayer dollars to incentivize large corporations in Ohio to move from one part of the state to the other — displacing families without creating overall economic gains to the state.


Nearly half of Ohio is living paycheck to paycheck, and two-thirds of minimum wage workers are adult women.  It is wrong that those who work so hard to care for our families, like nursing home workers and teachers’ aides, do not make enough money to care for their own families. Ed FitzGerald supports raising the minimum wage, including the wage of tipped earners, because hardworking Ohioans should see their hard work pay off.


Ed FitzGerald stood with workers in the fight against John Kasich’s SB 5, the collective bargaining repeal that was rejected by the vast majority of voters because it would have silenced the professional voices of our everyday heroes. Like many in Ohio, FitzGerald said, “We do not turn our backs on the people who watch ours.”

As governor, FitzGerald will veto any “right-to-work” legislation. FitzGerald believes that unions are essential to creating a healthy, empowered workforce. As governor, he will restore funding to education and local government funds that will create union jobs for teachers, firefighters, police, utility workers, and tradesmen.

Despite suffering a crushing defeat of SB 5, John Kasich has refused to state whether or not he will renew a “right-to-work” push if he’s reelected. Working Ohioans can’t risk another four years with John Kasich.