Whether it is early education, college affordability, or taking care of our teachers, Ed FitzGerald has the experience to make Ohio’s education system work for everyone.

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Ed FitzGerald believes Ohio’s economic policy should invest in average Ohioans, and that the wealthy should pay their fair share.

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Ed FitzGerald brought his experience as an FBI agent to the Cuyahoga County Executive Office, where he took over after a historic corruption scandal.

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As Governor, Ed will invest in renewable energy across Ohio to create jobs and to protect Ohio’s natural resources as an attraction for families and tourism.

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Ed FitzGerald was an FBI agent who brought corrupt politicians to justice and became Cuyahoga County’s first Executive after a corruption scandal.

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LGBT Equality

Ed FitzGerald is the first major party gubernatorial candidate in Ohio’s history to come out in full support of marriage equality.

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