Cutting Spending in Columbus

Efficiency. Responsibility. Transparency. With those values in mind, Ed has had great success in cutting wasteful spending.

Under Ed’s leadership, Cuyahoga County has passed and implemented balanced budgets without raising taxes while investing in the things that matter to all of us like education and job creation. Ed rooted out the corruption that was resulting in the waste of taxpayer dollars. And through a data-driven, targeted approach, Ed and his administration reduced the size of county government, making it more efficient. Ed plans to bring this same leadership to Columbus.

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Job creation and economic development are critical to the future of Ohio. Ed knows success in our economy means tapping the innovation of our people to find new approaches to attract more jobs to the state. And those jobs need to pay a living wage — one large enough for working Ohioans to raise a family and pay the bills.

Bringing new business into Ohio is important — but we also need to protect the jobs that are already here. Thanks to the President’s auto rescue, Ohio manufacturing is back. We need to make sure that forward progress continues. We also need to take steps to protect our workers and public employees: from our teachers to our police and firefighters.

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Protecting Workers

From our factory floors to our school rooms, Ed stands firm with Ohio’s workers.

The contrast in this area with the current apparatus in Columbus couldn’t be more stark. Their plan for Ohio working families was SB-5 — which could have stripped workers of their ability to negotiate with their employers.

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Served in the FBI, going after the most corrupt politicians in the country. Saw justice done as a prosecutor. Dismantling a corrupt political machine in Cuyahoga County and revamping the local government structure. You could say that Ed is a specialist in rooting out corruption.

Having an open and transparent process is the key creating a government that is smaller, more efficient, and more effective. When Ed became Cuyahoga Executive, he worked to shine a gigantic spotlight into every crack and crevice of city government.

It’s time we bring that kind of openness to the Governor’s office.

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Each step on the educational ladder brings with it economic progress. Bringing new and innovative jobs to Ohio will only be effective if we have the educated workforce to fill them.

As Cuyahoga County Executive, Ed has made unprecedented investments in our children — implementing a universal preschool program and becoming the first county in the country to provide all of its children with a college savings plan.

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