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Ed FitzGerald


Plain Dealer Takes Down Video of Editorial Board Interview for Governor

COLUMBUS – After posting a video of the only face-to-face meeting between John Kasich and Ed FitzGerald at last week’s Editorial Board meeting, the Plain Dealer removed the video from their website less than two days later and substituted it with an audio recording. The Plain Dealer has refused to provide an explanation for removing the video, despite multiple […]

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Advisory: FitzGerald Kicks Off Phone Bank in Youngstown

YOUNGSTOWN – On Monday evening, Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ed FitzGerald will kick off a phone bank in the Youngstown-area with volunteer members of the Ohio Civil Services Employee Association. WHAT: FitzGerald kicks off phone bank with OCSEA volunteers WHERE: 5580 Youngstown Warren Rd, Suite 1, Niles, OH 44446 WHEN: 6:00 PM on Monday, October 27

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Kasich’s Real Record in Marion County

COLUMBUS — Today at a campaign rally in Marion, Governor Kasich will tout his economic record and other initiatives that, as his campaign slogan goes, prove that “Kasich Works.” But in reality, Governor Kasich’s policies have put Marion’s police and corrections officer out of work. And, while the Governor has been quick to take credit for […]

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FACT CHECK: Kasich’s New Ad Touts Healthcare Benefits that Resulted from Obamacare

COLUMBUS – This morning, the Kasich-Taylor campaign released its latest ad touting the Governor’s order adding autism treatment services to Ohio’s health insurance plans. But as the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported at the time, “The Republican governor’s order is part of a requirement that states define an ‘essential health benefit’ package for insurance plans sold on the private market […]

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What Kasich Won’t Say At Today’s Event With IUOE Local 18

COLUMBUS – If he’ll sign a “right to work” bill into law in Ohio. What he will say about “right to work” “It’s not on my agenda” – Governor Snyder said this same phrase shortly before he signed a right to work bill into law in Michigan [NEOMG, 2/14/2014] “It’s fair for you to ask,” he said. “It’s also […]

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FACT CHECK: Kasich’s Record on Veterans’ Issues

COLUMBUS – In Cincinnati today, Governor Kasich will claim he’s made Ohio a better place for veterans. But in reality, both as a congressman and as a governor, Kasich fought against increases in veteran’s benefits, made it harder for veterans to get a job in state government, and proposed cutting funding to veterans organizations: Governor […]

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FACT CHECK: Kasich Record on “Teamwork”

COLUMBUS – FitzGerald Press Secretary Lauren Hitt released the following statement on Kasich-Taylor’s latest ad “Teamwork” “Throughout his term, Governor Kasich has demonstrated a consistent unwillingness to compromise and work with others, even within his own party, and the result is that Ohioans have fewer jobs that pay less than before the Governor was elected. […]

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